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lamusiquelavielartworld asked: Hellooo! Your blog is amazing! :D


thank you so much! 

— 2 months ago
I think my cat, Champignon, has a tendency to judge me.

I think my cat, Champignon, has a tendency to judge me.

— 2 months ago
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Christopher Bennett - House of Sound (2013)

Artist’s statement:

"I spent time in record stores, vintage stereo repair shops, vintage retail shops, and people’s houses photographing and having conversations about why they listen to music the way they do and how it affects their lives. Some have made careers, some a hobby and some want nothing more than to listen, but for all of them, myself included, it is an important part of our lives in some way.

I have shot spaces in Portland, Seattle, New York, and Berlin and I find that these ideals hold true from coast to coast to places afar. The love, passion and obsession for listening is a common thread that runs through all of the people and shops; these connect us all together to the moment we first felt the sound.”

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